20 december eclipse astrology

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This makes the unconscious, conscious, like when you become aware that you are dreaming.

Solar eclipse of December 25, 1954

During an eclipse, like the lucid dream, we get that same sudden feeling of hyperawareness. We could do anything!! At best, the effect of a solar eclipse can amplify insights gained from a very balanced left and right brain. The Solar eclipse is very good at showing up any imbalances you have.

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Eg, You are on one leg in tree pose and the Solar eclipse pokes you in the side. The amount of wobble shows how much centering you need to do. A Solar Eclipse can bring an awakening or a shocking revelation that rocks you to the core. It aims to balance out left and right brain hemispheres and therefore consciousness so that you are not lopsided.

This new moon July Solar eclipse is a fantastic one for creating new, good karma and healing relationships since Saturn is conjunct the South Node of this moon. Of course the Nodes being so close to the new moon are what turn it into a Solar Eclipse and the closer they are to the moon degree the more total the solar eclipse is. Eclipse Shadow path. Citrine is the perfect crystal for such a comforting and warm Solar Eclipse. Sunshine has the ability to brighten up the gloomiest of moods and so it is with this cheerful crystal.

Though the eclipse will cast a shadow for a while, this crystal is guaranteed to keep you glowing! It smooths family or group problems, and promotes solutions and cohesiveness. It also helps in understanding and dealing with absorbed impressions from those around us. Carrying a Citrine attracts love and happiness, and guards against those who would break your heart.

It is also an effective shield against spite and jealousy. It carries the virtues of self-healing, inspiration and self-improvement.

Carrying the power of the sun, it is excellent for overcoming depression, fears and phobias. It aids those with a depressed self-esteem. My Mercury is at 11 degrees of Cancer, and my Moon at My cancer stelllium has been processing these eclipses in a powerfully physical and purging way.

Hi Marina, Enjoyed your delineation of the solar eclipse. However, conjunctions of the outer planets tend to presage, rather than manifest, immediate change; their aspects following their conjunction trigger events. I particularly enjoy how you thread the other esoteric arts, such as Tarot and crystals, into your delineations.

Thank you for all your research and sharing. Hi Trica, What a load of Pollux! However Pollux links the two eclipses and is also featured in the Mercury Retrograde where Mercury will station direct on Pollux. I should have talked about Pollux in the Monthly report really. He was hiding from me. Well he is the trickster after all!

Pollux is with the Lunar eclipse this year at 23 or 24 degrees of Cancer.

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Not the Solar eclipse at 10 degrees. This eclipse has triggered lots of stuff in my natal chart! It was conjunct my natal North Node and Vertex, and square Fortuna. Transiting North Node was conjunct my unaspected natal Saturn, and of course that meant transiting South Node and Saturn were opposite my natal Saturn.

On top of that, today was my Venus return. Not I! My car is damaged but still drivable. Tr Neptune touches my Nadir. Normally, this kind of thing would have freaked me out.

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I feel vulnerable and am at home in hiding now. But this conjunction is also about hard work leading to wealth, which is probably the more usual interpretation. Thanks Marina! Do you work with progressed charts? The eclipse conjuncts my progressed Sun within 2 degrees.

You are very good at what you do, So good that you deserve a real compliment like this post. What is just as wonderful is that you provide us with so much information free of charge. I keep your link on my toolbar so that it is there when I need a heads-up on what is coming Like Mercury retrogrades but it is also there when I run into unexpected moments.

2019 Eclipses Astrology Predictions and Tips For Using This Energy

Drama with your family, roommates, or landlords may be the final straw for you at this time. Honor your ancestors, love the family you have, and move forward together This eclipse will be difficult, scary, shocking, sometimes impossible, but eventually, totally clarifying. This will likely throw you for a loop or make you cry, but guess what, Gemini?

Crying can be good for you! It helps you release your emotions, and sometimes, crying for a few minutes works better than discussing and analyzing things for hours.

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Now than you know what you know—thanks, supermoon! This could mean that you change your field of study or stop running with certain social circles, and you might find yourself craving space and adventure. The question is: What are you looking for, Gemini? Truly, this eclipse has changed what feels deeply important to you, so letting go of some things will come naturally—even if it feels emotionally charged.

Money is a huge theme for you during this eclipse, too. Do you think that Leo, the sign of this eclipse and the sign of royalty, allows themselves to get underpaid for their work or mistreated after putting their time and energy into something? Hell no! This eclipse will help you make the changes to get what you deserve. For someone who loves to stare at and talk about themselves ad nauseam, you still have a lot to learn about yourself, dear lion!

This eclipse will bring a new, made-over you. Expect all the changes you implement to impact your relationships, too. Secrets will be spilled during this eclipse—and the tea is all about you. This supermoon eclipse is in Leo, a fire sign that does things out of instinct, unlike you, the notoriously practical and logical earth sign! Deep emotions will swell to the surface, and you need to be completely present in your body to cry, growl, squirm, scream, dance, run—anything to release this powerful, primal energy coursing through you. Your dreams are going to be very active during this period, and some secrets concerning your everyday life will come to the surface.

Things that were impossible to see before will now be crystal clear—and the center of your focus. Harness the power of the eclipse by letting these people fall away from your life. As an intense water sign, Scorpios tend to have a contentious relationship with the spotlight.

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You tend to get down on yourself for wanting things that every human wants. Having a healthy ego can obviously be beneficial, and one crucial example is that the ways your ego is affected by something help reveal where your values lie. Tell yourself the truth, and respond in kind. This supermoon eclipse is in fellow fire sign Leo, and while going through its turbulent energy may be rough, the changes set in motion for you will bring some amazing opportunities.

Remember that eclipses are a fated time of release and course correction.

20 december eclipse astrology 20 december eclipse astrology
20 december eclipse astrology 20 december eclipse astrology
20 december eclipse astrology 20 december eclipse astrology
20 december eclipse astrology 20 december eclipse astrology
20 december eclipse astrology 20 december eclipse astrology

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