Astrology is not bullshit

I Know Astrology Is Bullshit, But I Can’t Stop Reading My Horoscope

No joke. People, just be aware; and Virgo, communicate your feelings. MYTH obsession Phoenix ashes joined a cult and loved it had sex with everyone looked in your eyes the depths. Scorpio is actually about getting to the bottom of shit. No - this does not mean getting to the bottom of your womb - it means getting to the bottom of their own patterns of behavior. Scorpio has gotta develop that capacity for focus not obsession and turn it inwards so they can get to bottom of their shit, kill their conditioning, and really start sharing in life and relationships.

Normalizing belief in anti-scientific bullshit

Me as scorpio: ah, I want to date with anyone…. Today I heard about 5 love languages, how you give and receive love, and they're: 1. Physical touch cuddling, hugs 2. Words of affirmation 3. Acts of service 4. Quality time together 5. Gift giving. JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View.

is an atheist but strictly believes in astrology? Welcome to Tumblr!

Show more notes. Aries: There are a lot of gifts you can give someone that cost little to nothing - Hope, Joy, Love, The Soul of an Innocent, Toothpicks… Taurus: Sometimes you must not underestimate or resist the pull of fate.

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Virgo: Decorate yourself with feathers and make velociraptor noises at passersby. Libra: Calm winds surround you and keep you. Will not put up with your bullshit squad. The signs as gifs of petty Aquarian Harry Styles. Cancer: Listen. No really, just listen. The modern system flattened the houses, which describe worldly matters like money, love, and career, into the zodiac signs of the star constellations. The ancient texts never conflated the two. Prying these important pieces of astrology back apart clarifies how the ancients related movements of the heavens with events on earth.

Compare this to new-age psychological astrology, which over accentuates internal matters of the mind and spirit, opening up far too much room for confirmation bias.

Modern astrology also hastily assigned outsized influence to the newly discovered planets of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto without the centuries of observational data that the Hellenistic astrologers were working with. One of the greatest sticking points where traditional and modern astrology diverge is destiny. Hellenistic astrology describes a causal relationship between the movement of planets and stars and the material world on earth.

The ancients also believed in the notion of fate. Fatedness runs counter to our modern notion of free will, and therefore many find traditional astrology unpalatable. However, we do not need to believe in a fatalistic view of planetary movements to revive some insights in the work of the ancient astrologers who espoused them.

Now, modern psychology can enrich those parts of the astrological tradition. Her writing carries strong feminist and social-justice overtones, hitting on the zeitgeist of the moment not unlike what Alan Leo did in his time over a century ago. Her audience is devoted and growing, with a regular readership reaching over 1 million people.

While people can now preach openly about crystals or sound-vibration healing and only get a single eye roll, those who look to astrology for answers are still in the proverbial closet. The revival of traditional astrology is still in its early days. As with most discoveries from antiquity, it takes time to integrate findings into existing knowledge. Take the Antikythera mechanism for example, the earliest known analog computer that dates from the Hellenistic period.

7 (un)Surprising Signs That Astrology Is Total Bullshit (part 1) | Spherical Bullshit

Astrology is a practice. It only comes alive through use. Traditional astrology, with its wealth of ancient texts, deserves the same respectful suspension of disbelief as other old-world scientific fields. In my initial search for a coherent explication of gender identity, I came a across a journal article seriously questioning—from a feminist perspective—whether a feminist can teach logic.

Nurses went through and may still be going through a phase where they endorsed Therapeutic Touch which involves no touching and other forms of Energy Medicine. It gave them an area of expertise and capability which set them up besides physicians as co-equal practitioners. If it works for you, then that is your experience which no one else can or should take from you. Fair skepticism is treated like bullying… or maybe a form of violence.

They know, what they know. Barbara Ehrenreich wrote a book in which she expounded that view — alternative medicine is feminine and works; clinical medicine is masculine, oppresses women, and has no real validation of the results. Why, oh why, oh why do feminists have to push this garbage? Now if other women would just stop trying to undermine us. Science is included in philosophy, and is the product of reason, and that alone.

Not fashion, fancy or what is trendy in the passing parade. Those who say that science is male, and male only, do not create a problem for reason; merely one of landfill. Before home computers you had to be a competent mathematician to cast a horoscope. I would have thought that would rule it out for the stereotypical female.

Are you sure? Could you be crossing her with someone else? First one I did, October Yeah, I did a double take at the Ehrenreich mention.

Astrology isn’t science, but your horoscope is more real than you think

Hard to tell from the blurbs whether she was really endorsing alternative medicine over science even then, or just noting that historically, sexism played a role in what practices medical science would study and approve.

astrology is not bullshit Astrology is not bullshit
astrology is not bullshit Astrology is not bullshit
astrology is not bullshit Astrology is not bullshit
astrology is not bullshit Astrology is not bullshit
astrology is not bullshit Astrology is not bullshit

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