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Since the last time Sedna orbited as close to Earth as her discovery was the Stone Age, Mike Brown searching for a name, thought about how cold it must be out in deep space and came up with Sedna, after an Inuit Princess who lived at the bottom of the Arctic ocean. The myth was all about suffering, loss and redemption. Sedna was given against her will in marriage to a strange Bird Man who took her away to the icy wastes far from her family and fed her scraps of raw fish. Her father finds her and they set off in his kayak to return home pursued by the vengeful Bird Man.

As the kayak threatens to capsize, her father chops off her fingers and throws her overboard to save himself. Her severed hands and fingers magically change into seals, sea lions, whales and dolphins and Sedna sinks to the bottom of the ocean, but does not die. Sedna is sadness and suffering- an archetype of Saturn and Neptune all in one. People with strong Sedna aspects in their birth charts or through progression can prove resolute and visionary on the upside and inflexible and unrealistic on the downside. Too simplistically, some astrologers simply label Sedna influences as victimhood and sacrifice because she is female and can therefore be adopted into the ever expanding group of so-called Goddesses.

The Apollo 13 mission which went wrong threatening to leave the astronauts abandoned in icy space. In the nick of time, a solution was found and they splashed down in the ocean. Isaac Newton, ill as a child then restricted by the Great Plague of , produced the ground breaking mathematical theories of his age. Milton Erickson crippled by polio as a child, yet became the father of hypnosis and revolutionised psychotherapy.

John McCain captured and tortured by the Vietnamese and refused to collaborate. Went on to serve the United Sates as a Senator. To discover the sign, degree, aspects and House of your natal Sedna, look it up in this Sedna Ephemeris. Since Sedna has moved from 16 degrees Aries to 26 degrees Taurus. This extreme slowness-an average of. I accept. Rising sign calculator. Tarot of Mademoiselle Lenormand. Chinese Elements. Astro Mindset. Ascendant signs.

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Sedna in taurus astrology

The Influence of the Moon The Moon plays a very important role in astrology. It influences our emotions and our personality! The Sun Above all, the Sun symbolises light, warmth and vital energy! It is also that which rules over our masculine side Yang!

sedna in taurus astrology - radio scoop horoscope

Taurus doesn't want to work any harder than necessary for the desired comforts much less do without and thus will expect others to share, lend a helping hand, or give it to them outright. When you look around the world today you can certainly see an awful lot of this attitude; indeed, you needn't look any farther here in the United States than the bailouts of the past few years of the automakers, Fanny Mae, or the plethora of individuals who expect someone else to take care of them when they make bad decisions or simply don't want to be bothered with facing the consequences of poor choices.

In many cases these people have stolen money that was supposed to be set aside for deserving individuals who truly worked for it. These individuals who have violated the public trust, in time, will be exposed by Pluto's transit through Capricorn as many already are. Nonetheless, on the collective basis, it's not rocket science to see how the Sedna archetype manifests in concert with various other astrological influences.

On the personal level, it will typically take a transit to activate your natal Sedna and bring a situation into your life that involves her story at some level. If you don't know the degree where Sedna is located in your natal chart contact Whobeda who will be happy to tell you based on your birth information, i. The degree matters as far as transits which activate her are concerned.


Any transiting aspect from Sedna to a natal planet will remain in effect for a very long time. This would give you plenty of time to work through your part in any issues associated with that house and or connections with any planets by transit. Furthermore, aspects from your natal planets to Sedna play a part as well in either mitigating or exacerbating her influence; when any of these planets as well as Sedna are the recipient of a transit, it will set them all into action. If you're wondering how that might show up, here are a few things to look for given such a transit would comprise given a combination that includes Sedna as well as the house, sign or planet in each heading.

Keep a tight grip on what you want and recognize the consequences of your personal actions. Being too impulsive with selfish motives will have serious payback.

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Greed and materialism will have consequences. How do you make yourself miserable with your wants and needs for creature comforts? Do you go into debt deeper than you can possibly dig out of without assistance and then expect someone else to bail you out? Are you assuring your own misery by wanting or expecting too much, either of family members or perhaps by demanding a big, fancy house? How do you use and take advantage of your family members?

Do you have an ulterior motive in all your actions and practice emotional blackmail?

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Are expectations of your children, creative endeavors, ego gratification and romantic encounters too self-centered? Is work a four-letter word to you? What is your attitude toward productivity?

Your Birth Chart

Do you expect top pay for shoddy work? Do you expect to have good health without practicing good diet and exercise habits? Are your expectations unrealistic? What is your attitude toward other cultures or people different than yourself? Do you have unrealistic expectations or entitlement? Are you stuck on your own beliefs? Look down on others? Are you willing to work hard to achieve ambitions?

sedna in cancer astrology Sedna in cancer astrology
sedna in cancer astrology Sedna in cancer astrology
sedna in cancer astrology Sedna in cancer astrology
sedna in cancer astrology Sedna in cancer astrology
sedna in cancer astrology Sedna in cancer astrology
sedna in cancer astrology Sedna in cancer astrology
sedna in cancer astrology Sedna in cancer astrology
sedna in cancer astrology Sedna in cancer astrology

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