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How is ‘Yellow’ the Power color for a Sagittarius?

Sagittarians are people with a love for nature and traveling, with little to no fears in life. We are self-dependent and humorous. Jupiter is the ruling planet for Sagittarius and it is considered the luckiest of planets.

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Jupiter rules "wealth, leisure time, big business, the higher mind, optimism, growth, morality, prosperity, indulgence, long distance travel, aspirations, sports, and a fondness for animals," according to Horoscope. Sagittarius are known for being sociable with everyone no matter who you are. Sagittarius are least compatible with the signs Virgo and Pisces. The opposing sign to Sagittarians is the Gemini. Things with a Gemini will be interesting and never dull, there will always be moments of laughter and joy. Sagittarius' color of choice is a rich purple. My personal favorite color is purple and I attend a college where rich purple is one of the school colors.

The planetary stone for Sagittarius is topaz, but the four other colors associated with the sign is amethyst, ruby, sapphire, and turquoise. She adds that it'll evoke this sign's cool, beautiful, and loving nature, while adding sophistication and elegance to the walls. These statement colors will also speak to their love to entertain guests will love it! Stardust says this sign's power colors are red and black — and maroon is the middle ground between the two.

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She also notes that this color represents intense emotional depths, which will appeal to passionate Scorpios. This sign gravitates towards anything that screams "intense," so Wright says hot pink is another color for them. There's a reason Stardust describes this deep hue as a powerful shade for Sagittarius: "This color will push their philosophical archer towards spiritual endeavors, which all Sagittarius are known for," she says. Bright and happy colors speak to the adventurous side of this sign.

Vibrant patterns are also a playful way to bring out this side of their personality. Known for their conservative nature, this color allows Capricorns to play it safe.

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Speaking of conservative, there's nothing more classic than navy blue. Since Uranus is the modern planetary ruler of the sign Aquarius, and it's blue, an icy take on this hue will appeal to this sign. This sign can be all over the place, so keeping walls simple is a smart play.

These 4 Zodiac Signs Love Wearing All Black, Because It's Truly The Deadliest Color

Gray keeps a room versatile and allows them more opportunities to experiment with accessories. This sign gravitates towards any kind of ocean or water color , says Wright: "They are a water sign and their homes flow like water — think of it like a gentle ocean breeze, peaceful and romantic. Since this sign is also known to absorb other people's energy, which can be stressful, periwinkle will help them unwind.

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